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Top Three Reasons To Hire A Pittsburgh Employment Attorney

Grab Your Employer’s Attention.The Basics of Overtime Pay

Sure, you can represent yourself for a lawsuit, but your employer isn’t going to take you seriously. The presence of a qualified and experienced Pittsburgh employment attorney heightens the importance of your case. Otherwise, your employer may just continue to walk all over you because they are likely familiar with handling lawsuits.

Drive The Case Forward.

The legal system can feel like a hurry-up-and-wait process. Some of that is because it is, but a lawyer also knows what steps to take to make your case more of a priority. Lawyers deal with the legal system every day. You want results and so do we.

Meet Filing Deadlines.

The law outlines certain filing deadlines for employment discrimination, harassment, and most workplace issues. Incomplete paperwork filed late only hampers and sometimes disqualifies your case from the legal system. Your lawyer ensures that the right information is included in your complaint to enhance the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Why A Pittsburgh Employment Attorney?

Professional Position Contracts1. We have years of Legal Experience.

We aren’t new at this. Not even a little bit. Our years of experience coupled with our legal knowledge ensures that we can handle any employment issue you bring to us. We work hard so you can enjoy your employment rights.

2. We Know Pittsburgh Employment.

With its unique international community along with born-and-bred natives, Pittsburgh presents a melting pot blend of interesting workplace issues. While sexual harassment and employment discrimination top the list, we also handle unemployment. If you’re dealing with an illegal workplace issue, you need a lawyer now.

3. We Love Pittsburgh.shutterstock_410812096

Country to urban in just thirty minutes, Pittsburgh is the center point for large population. This city continues to top the list of most loved places to live, and we couldn’t agree more. You’re just as likely to see us in the courtroom as you are to find us at a Pens or Steelers game. But, our best moments are when we champion you and fight for your employment rights.

4. You Are Our Neighbor.

Mr. Rogers knew it. Neighbors take care of each other. Big yet small, Pittsburgh is our neighborhood, and you are our neighbor. Our Pittsburgh employment attorneys are ready to stand by your side as you navigate the legal system and fight for your employee rights. Why go it alone?

Contact a Pittsburgh Employment Attorney

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